James Lantiegne

The House of MAGIC Foundation for the Arts is an organization founded in the hearts and minds of James and Julie Lantiegne. Having personally experienced the impact the arts can have on an individuals development and the affect it has on society, they sought to create a center that not only provides an educational platform for the arts, but also provides a venue for people to perform or to be entertained.

My Philosophy

Many view the arts as a disposable part of our educational system, when in fact, it is a vital part of a child’s development and personal growth. Without the arts, an individual’s ability to create, dream, and inspire is stifled. There is nothing special about us. We are just two simple people with a passion and a dream.

What I Love

I have been a magician for over 40 years. I love magic! It is how I met my wife, how I acquired all of my jobs, and why we started The House of MAGIC. Magic has always been part of my life and it is exciting to watch it become part of some of my kids lives too.

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Most classes provided at The House of MAGIC have monthly showcases, click the link to find out the latest schedule.
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